Richard (Pierre-Maurice). Le français familier et argotique

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Titre : Le français familier et argotique
Auteur : Richard (Pierre-Maurice)
Date : 1997
NbEditions : 1
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Mots clés : ang
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Richard : Le français familier et argotique

Richard, Le français familier et argotique, 1997

Référence (1997)

  • 1997 - Pierre-Maurice Richard. Le français familier et argotique. Spoken French Foreigners Should Understand. NTC/Contemporary Publishing Company, 1997. 192 pp. ISBN:9780844215129 (Source : libraires)
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Commentaire (1997)

  1. « Subtitled "Spoken French Foreigners Should Understand," this book is a complete course in colloquial French. It includes extensive vocabulary lists, dialogs, a detailed pronunciation/structure guide, tests, and speaking and writing exercises. This is an excellent tool for anyone who has already learned to speak French correctly and is now ready to learn to speak it like a native. Unfortunately, it's out of print, but you might get lucky and find a second-hand copy. » (Source : les liens))

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